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Greg Wright, 15 min. after execution

This photo of Greg Wright 15 minutes after his execution on Oct 30, 2008 in Texas is from Bente Hjortshoj. She is standing on the left. She wrote this caption to the photo:
"The first time we touched you were still looked at though you were just sleeping and would wake up was sooooo hard to see you like this though you were finally free..this is just about 15 minutes after the execution...sooo surreal....BUT dearest Greg.....Me and Connie kept our promise to you and for that we are glad...but it was tougher than we thought.... we did it out of love and respect for you!! LOVE YA LOADS!!!!".Bente Hjortshøj has given permission for the photo to be distributed around the internet, "me and Connie decided to publish all pictures to show the world the cruel and unusual punishment and its horrible consequences".

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hell Hole News By Hank Skinner (Death row inmate)

HELL HOLE NEWSNovember 25, 2008Well, it’s been another lovely two weeks under the guns of senator Whitmire’s little inquisition. This fellow is a real turd. It must really make him feel powerful to attack and smash on death row prisoners who’re restrained and defenseless. Who’ve done nothing to deserve it. We were put on lockdown yet again, for 5 more days, searched, strip searched, wanded, scanned, strip searched again, had all our property confiscated, even our mattresses and bedding. We were put in empty cells with vents blowing ice-cold air all night and left like that until 2:30 AM the next shift. Now many of the guys are sick. Ol’ man Woody was trying to talk to the rank about his property while in cuffs and being held on the run by two field force officers with another behind him. They tried to jerk his eyeglasses out of his hand and slammed him face first into the wall. Captain Bryant walks up and tells him “what the f---k is your problem?” Woody tells him what’s up and the captain gives him grief, the field boss tells Woody “you need to shut the f—k up” and they slammed him again then dragged him to F-pod level III. I’m told Lieutenant Duff even was shocked at Bryant’s actions and said “what’re you lockin’ him up for?” Bryant supposedly said, “What, did I stutter or something?” This is typical of the sorts of unnecessary uses of force going on here now. Woody says they upgraded him to Level II, now.The property officer, D. Smith is continuing her depredations on death row prisoners’ property. Confiscations unfounded, for reasons not even listed on the form, calling new property “altered” etc. I’m told she’s making a killing at the flea market selling prisoners books, boots, fans, radios, hot pots. Selling the radios to some electronics shop in Livingston.Meanwhile, the media continues to print Michelle Lyons’ lies and half truth issued from TDCJ’s public information office. They’re issuing false, aggrandized and/or embellished statements about criminal matters they allege occurred as if they’re absolute truth or fact instead of the as yet untested and unproven allegations they are. Even death row prisoners accused of new crimes are entitled to the presumption of innocence guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution unless and until they are convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction by a jury of their peers. Michelle Lyons, who used to be a reporter for a small time newspaper, should know to use works like “accused”, “alleged” or “believed” in making allegations against prisoners in this fashion. Lawsuitswill follow her slanderous and libelous words, which also constitute s blatant denial of due process.All of this, merely in effort to lick Whitmire’s boots and cater to his campaign of hate. What’s more sad is that Whitmire, a politician and lawmaker, is encouraging TDCJ heads and investigators publicly to violate the law and violate not only prisoners’ rights but the citizens’ rights too. You voters out there need to wake up and see this clownish buffoon for what he really is.For all you visitors, the Ombudsman’s office issued a statement saying that “due to reasonable suspicions” that a visitor may smuggle contraband into the unit, all visitors will now be searched. This is100 % illegal and in direct contravention of controlling federal and supreme precedents.In the first place, the “reasonable suspicion” standard is what’s applied to prisoners outside of random cell searches, which require no suspicions. This standard is applied to prisoners only, because “criminal convictions and lawful imprisonments permit some limitations on constitutional freedoms, compatible with incarcerations.”However, free world citizens (visitors) retain the full panoply of constitutional rights and protections. The constitutional guarantees of the fourth amendment protect citizens from all unreasonable, suspicionless, searches and seizures. Before TDCJ or any other law agency can search you, there must be individualized suspicion amounting to probable cause. TDCJ cannot lay a blanket of suspicion on all visitors because of the actions of one or, TDCJ’s otherwise unfounded beliefs. In short, their “new policy on visitor searches” seeks to treat you as if you are convicted prisoners and you should not stand for it! It’s egregiously violative of your constitutional rights. You should all get together and hire an attorney to file suit on TDCJ and or call your local ACLU office for assistance. That’s what they’re there for.Thanks to ilanziv.wordpress. com and executionchronicles .org for pointing out the obvious about the recent accusations leveled against me and Mark. I’m not sure about the cover up, but I’m of the opinion it’s definitely retaliation against me and Mark for our writings. There’s virtually no doubt of that. As to the things I’ve alleged in my previous Hell Hole News articles, I have proof of them otherwise I’d not have written it. You should see the inept, inane responses TDCJ officials (V. L. Brisher, Lindy Richey and Kevin Mayfield) have made to my grievances at Step 2. They’re merely quoting policy, not making any substantive factual responses to the evidence at all. Of course I know the policy already – I’m alleging direct violations of the policy resulting in violations of my constitutional rights. They’re making such non-responsive answers because they well know they cannot answer on the merits, unless it were to concede the validity of my claims and rule in my favor -- which, of course, they’re not about to do. Deny, lie, deny, and deny some more. It’s the TDCJ way.I’ve read in the papers that Whitmire was very rude to witnesses, interrupting, overtalking them, being belligerent and asking non- material question. Some think he just doesn’t know how to run a decent hearing. I think otherwise. I think he’s using these tactics to limit the record and prevent any witness who testified from revealing the truth about his little inquisition -- like him, it’s a shame.Best regards to all,Hankhttp://www.hankskinner.org999143 Polunsky UnitH W Hank Skinner3872 FM 350 SouthLivingston TX 77351-8580

Terri Been, Sister of Death Row Inmate Alleges "The Guards Sold Cell Phones to Death Row Inmates"

Read about it here:

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Terri Been Speaks Out About Texas Visitation On Death Row

Subject: Polunsky visitation with Jeff

Yesterday’s visit to my brother was bitter sweet to say the least. Overall the visit went well, but it was very emotional and degrading!!! The lockdown has taken its toll not only on the overall policy at Polunsky, but on the spirit of the inmates as well.I have visited the Polunsky unit MANY times over the course of my brother’s incarceration, but never have I experienced the overwhelming sense of complete and absolute dread that I felt there last night. Now don’t get me wrong, I have experienced dread there before…as my brother came within hours of his execution, and we said what we thought would be our final goodbyes to him, which has crippled and destroyed me emotionally; BUT the dread that I am talking about now reaches further than just those who have an execution date. The dread that I am talking about is a thick blanket that wraps around you and suffocates you when you walk into the visitation room…which you literally feel!The tone for the evening was set when you pulled up into the facility. In the past we have always had to jump through hoops just to get into the place, but things are far worse now! Guards are now required to do “complete car checks” instead of the normal “pop the hood and trunk” checks. Visitors had their purses gone through, their glove compartments torn apart, bags/luggage in the car were rummaged through…you name it…it was searched. Did it stop there? Hell no; round two started at check in!!Now, I’m going to flashback to the summer to give you a full picture of the nightmare we call check-in @ Polunsky, so please bare with me here: Imagine, if you will, having to make a run to the local Wal-Mart 3 different times to purchase clothing and shoes just to be allowed into Polunsky. This has happened on numerous occasions and to various visitors…and this literally is no joke! (My sister-in-law, Kristin, and I have experienced this for ourselves.) This past summer we were scheduled for a normal 2 hour visit to see my brother; Kristin had quite literally just gotten off of the plane from overseas two hours before the visit was to take place, and come to find out that the airlines had lost all of her luggage (which she did not get back for almost a full week) so all she had was the clothing on her back. She was not happy because she wasn’t going to be able to “dress up” for him, and due to time restrictions…she decided to make do with what she had on. Havingmade the trip to the US on several occasions, she learned a few valuable lessons; one being when you’re on a plane for 17 hours you wear “comfortable clothing”. The comfortable clothing that she was wearing was indeed appropriate, but the guard on duty felt that it was a little too form fitting; so we were sent to Wal-Mart…and mind you we are already late because of plane delays. Kristin grabs a baggy Mickey Mouse T-shirt, because there should be NOTHING wrong with a cartoon character T- shirt…or so you’d think. So we get back to Polunsky, where we are turned away again because of the Mickey Mouse Logo…which has been adopted by the Mexican Mafia (one of the most powerful prison gangs in the US). On our second trip to Wal-Mart she purchases a plain black T-shirt; and with her new T-shirt on we walk back into the unit, but were turned away…yet again, this time for her shoes!!! After purchasing a new pair of tennis shoes, we were finally allowed in, but with allof the trips back and forth to Wal-Mart, we had less than an hour visit. Check in…sounds extreme doesn’t it? Well it can be and has been for MANY people!!! But…it has gotten worse, so in addition to the metal detectors and the wardrobe scrutiny we have always had to go through lets add the following: pat-downs/body searches, and counting your money down to the quarter. Waiting in line to be searched sucks…so if you know somebody who is going to visit, you may want to tell them to get there a little earlier than normal…because you will be searched. Think I’m kidding, ask the black lady a few people ahead of us in line that had to take off her “weave” and have it searched! You may also want to tell them that they will be patted down! Okay, let me rephrase that…you will be rubbed down and felt-up. I have gone through several pat searches in order to get into federal buildings before, but I have never experienced one quite like I got @ Polunsky this night! When you walk in the door…you are now required to take off you shoes and socks so they can be searched. The metal detectors have new settings, and are picking up what seems to be everything; so ladies if you have jewelry…you might be better off leaving it in the car, because you will pass through the damn thing for every ring, necklace, or earring…not to mention belts. Some ladies even had to cover their breasts with their arms/hands to get through because the underwire in their bra kept setting off the alarm. “Pat-downs” now consist of the following for women: a lady using her two hands to rub the entire length of your leg. Each leg will be rubbed twice: one sweep covers the front/back and includes your ass-cheek, the second sweep of the leg covers the inside/outside, which includes a backhanded rubdown of your “downstairs privates”. The search also includes having each breast examined by hand…starting on the inside of each breast, and cupping around to theoutside. It is an absolutely humiliating experience, and is absolutely NOT necessary in my opinion!I risked not being able to see my brother because I gave them hell about the new procedure. I told them I understood such procedures for those who were allowed contact visits, but Death row families NEVER get to touch or come in contact with the inmates, and that it was the corrupt guards who were causing this nightmare, and we should not be subject to sexual harassment just to get to see our loved ones because they are self-serving and money hungry. I actually said several other things to the guards that were not exactly polite or worth repeating, but at least I said my peace.You are allowed to take $20 dollars into the unit, however we did not get to take in the full amount of $ because both change machines were down. Luckily, I knew somebody coming out of the early visit that had some change left over; which gave us an additional $7 dollars, but we were not even close to $20. MANY people did not get to take in any money because there was no change…and I tell you that was cruel and was done on purpose! These men had gone months with Johnny bags! Remember the lockdown was not the only time they were getting these…just weeks before they were restricted to these bags because of the hurricane that hit…so we are talking almost two months on Johnny bags. My brother had lost at least 25 – 30 pounds since I had seen him at the end of August. I spent EVERY bit of change I had with the exception of 1 nickel on food for my brother. 2 hamburgers, three bags of chips, 2 snicker bars, a salad, 3 dr peppers, 5 beef jerky sticks, and a piece of pie were all gone in less than 3 minutes of receiving them. Seriously…no joking; he was quite literally starving and inhaled the food! I am thankful that I was able to provide him with that, but there were many others there that were hungry that got nothing…and I feel so bad for them. So my second piece of advice is to make sure that you have change before you get to the unit…Do NOT count on the machines to be working! Also…if youfeed your inmate like we do…you may also want to take the early session because they only have 1 machine now that serves “food” (sandwiches, salads, juice, pie, etc.) and nearly all of the food in that machine was gone from the 1st visit.I’ll not even get into the property that was taken away or destroyed from these inmates.Needless to say, the visit was absolute chaos! New Policies, new procedures, and new hours to call and make reservations to visit...the list goes on, but the important thing here is that nobody is handling it well…including the staff! The only good thing that happened that night was in addition to getting to see my brother, my kids and I had the privilege of talking to several other inmates during our visit. (which is strictly forbidden, but we did it anyway.) We spoke with two of this week’s condemned inmates: Robert Hudson and Rogelio Cannaday. We told them that we had signed their petitions, and that we had written letters to the governor on their behalf. We also told them that there were a great many people who were fighting for them, and that we all would be calling the governor’s office this week in a continued effort to fight for their lives. They were very grateful and sent their thanks.I could go on, but I have written a book here already! If you are pen-pals, or friends with any of these guys…they need our help in more than one way. Yes we want to fight to save their lives, but we need to fight for their rights inside as well. They also need financial contributions if you can afford it, as most of these guys have nothing left from all of the property raids and shake-downs. Their fans, hot-plates, radios, typewriters, and other various properties were taken and destroyed. Some people may be thinking that these inmates don’t need a radio, but I say different; that is their only link to the outside world other than any visit they may get. Complete Isolation leads to insanity…and being without this contact to the world will only cause more pain and suffering. Please keep these guys and their families in your prayers!--------------------

Reggie Blanton Speaks Out On Texas Death Row

BANDWAGONEERS I'M TALKING TO YOU Out of all my writings, how many of you can recite the title of one piece I've written without looking it up either on my myspace page or the Drive site? And I'm not talking about my super-personal piece dedicated to my Wife, "Whats' love got to do with it?" I mean and I'm seriously asking y'all, how many can refer to anything I,ve ever said that has left an impression on you? Am I that superficial? Are my thoughts that inconsequential? I ask these things because anybody who has taken the time out of their mundane lives to give my words a glance will sense one thing about me, at the very least I'm a Man, imperfect, striving for perfection, what does this mean? That men are a dying species amongst boys? I'll tell you what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean I'm a prison number, It doesn't mean I'm a Death Row prisoner. It means I'm a Man not constricted to these damn bars, concrete and steel that the system preaches is necessary to encage the beast I never was and never can be—because I'm a man. "Imperfect striving for perfection, a Man does not exist lest he is conscious of the principles that dictate his life, allowing the universe to flow through him, as opposed to him blindly resisting its flow, reinforcing the dictum:. "A hard head makes a sore ass" Yes, I'm not talking about donkeys. I'm talking about men with principles which means a disciplined man. I'm as disciplined as the samurai, blade slicing through the fabric of time, while engaged in battle. And I bleed like you do, and will bleed for whatever I believe in as my physical scars, from years of protest while here on Death row, demonstrates I'm a man with a mind, no longer a puppet blindly reacting to the viciss, cudes of life. A man that won't "mind" if my manhood is not respected. Not a primitive bet-not-step on-my kicks manhood. No, That's boyhood masquerading as manhood. By manhood I mean my essence everything that makes me who I AM I AM!So what does all this mean? Well….What do I mean? What is MY damn value? What da hell do I matter? I know the answers to these questions, but do you have answers to these questions? No, don't say "oh, but you're Gods creation "or"The bible says…." If you're saying this, then shouldn't you be convincing Christians to embrace our campaign with something more than lip service? Besides these type of responses are too general, maybe you'll say "well, the Death penalty is wrong."To that I will ask why? And if you can't recite specific injustices in my case then why are you my "friend"? You don't know me! Because if you did then you would know I would have a problem with a person who says they support someone or is fighting for a cause they don't understand or know anything about.If this is you, what kind of person are you? I'll answer that for you: The kind of person that will decide whether you will either keep being the reason why a small handful of people will continue to carry on their shoulders your part of the load, or get some more principles.And I, Omari Huduma, aka Reginald Blanton approve this message!

Reggie Blanton Speaks Out From Texas Death Row

THE PITCH:(The breakdown of an example pitch)

Organizations act like they don't want to take a position until the 11th hour, the last minute, while everyone is left scrambling to do something, anything to save a mans life; and not just a man in every sense of the word, but an activist, an intellectual, convicted for a crime he did not commit, and it's disturbing—no, sickening, that this man sits on Texas Death Row; silenced by the media; silenced by the myriad (or abundance of) organizations that were suppose to have been erected for men like Reginald W Blanton; silenced by a broken Criminal Justice system; even silenced by his own court appointed attorney that refused to represent his legal interests.Over the course of the year Reginald Blanton was represented by State Habeas attorney Scott Sullivan, Our Brother Reginald wrote his attorney letter after letter after letter diligently seeking to have what amounted to, innocence claims filed in, not his attorney's appeal (his attorneys life isn't in danger) But filed in Reginald's appeal. Yet his attorney refused to file his claims, and not because they had no merit, since most of his claims were supported by overlooked evidence in his actual trial; and never mind his federal attorney saw enough merit in these claims to attempt to resuscitate them, to no avail, since as a result of his previous attorney neglecting his legal responsibilities to Reginald, not exhausting these claims at the appropriate stage of appeal, ALL Reginald's innocence claims were procedurally barred, and this is only half of it.Reginald Blanton's appeal now sits in the Supreme Court and if something is not done soon another innocent man will be murdered by the state of Texas.Please contact [insert name] with the campaign to Free Reggie B, at [insert site] This is the type of message that was left on the answering machine of the NAACP branch in San Antonio, TX, that evoked them to return our phone call. It's not just about facts, it's about overall presentation, presentation is everything. What I want to do is point out a few things about what you just read above. First, you can't just read the words; you have to imagine how they're said in your mind. Notice the general style. Its short, it's urgent. It's to be said with energy, not like the way that professor taught his class on that TV show, the wonder years. The first paragraph is called a "hook" designed to grab the listener's attention by the collar, saying "You have to listen to me! The first paragraph brings about a sense of conviction in the listener, "These organizations y'all contacted should be ashamed, "should be the listeners thought, They should feel like they can't cower from the task at hand, instead , choosing to stand up, being the leader their organization most likely claims to be. The first Paragraph, also individualizes me in that, it gives me somewhat a face: "and not just a man in every sense of the word, but an activist, a poet an intellectual, convicted for a crime he not commit" Though there are many injustices to reference in my case, the second paragraph probably highlights the most drastic of them and it reveals the utter failure of the criminal justice system in all its elements: Trial, prosecution, defense and appeal. It contrasts the system's incompetence, indifference, even insidiousness, with the, so called, criminal's innocence and helplessness. It paints a picture of me, caught in the web of the adversarial process, struggling for my life against a plasma thirsty spider; that was supposed to help me?!! "Only with the power of the people are we able to achieve justice or receive justice---It is not because of the justice of the court"—Huey P Newton. In addition, it should disturb anybody to hear what sounds like a defense attorney working with the system against his own client! Furthermore, the statement acts in, then gets cut. Its closing places back into the center of the listener's attention the fact that time is of the essence and a life is in Jeopardy. The closing being so short only intensifies the point. "And this is only half of it." This line not only lets the listener know there's more but you just said there was more corruption to what the listener had probably already deemed enough corruption. It rightly intensifies the sense of injustice. Then you have "please contact [insert name] with the campaign to Free ReggieB "besides the necessity of leaving contact info by saying "…with the campaign to Free reggieb " you are bringing a sense of legitimacy and organization to the table. Sad to say, People only seem to want to get involved when they know others are. Finally there is No "Thank you for your time or any other happy closing because there is nothing to be happy about. It punctuates the overall message—that this is a serious matter that can't be slept on. This is only a pitch, not the pitch. And it's of the kind that is suitable for answering machines of various organizations we are trying to contact. It's a different story when you are actually talking to a person for the first time. However, the same poetic and energetic style (don't be dull, be creative) can be utilized. And remember there's a thin line between evoking a sense of urgency and repelling people out of your own sound of panic, Presentation is everything, ; which includes word usage, delivery (voice pitch and flow) etc. You don't have to be Malcolm-x or Cynthia Mckinney to speak on the manner above. It's valuable to listen with an analytical ear to how activist, poets or politicians give speeches, using descriptive words and voice fluctuates depending on the nature of their point, such as speaking slowly and softly when addressing something sad or about love or speaking faster with passion, intensity to punctuate points that should evoke anger, disgust or emergency. Nevertheless, you may find all the inspiration you need to speak in a persuasive fashion reaching deep inside yourself to those motions you feel as a result of knowing what the system is doing to me. Speak from there and people will feel the energy you radiate. Anybody who understands the general points about as well as my case through the following pieces. (My case profile/or Interview with Dee (an overview of my case)Justice Denied/contradicting Justice (Ruling in which Federal judge agrees the D.A racially discriminated against an African American potential juror in my case)The Care Package (story of what took place between the attorneys that failed to represent my legal interest)State Bar Grievance against Scott SullivanSo please read up on all these, they are all in my Myspace Blogs so you will be equipped with what they need to speak on my situation in a persuasive manner. How many of you have read either an article or book and walked away with enough understanding about what you just read to speak on it to a friend? Well that's the same way the above articles, or any of my pieces for that matter, should be approached. Keep in mind my case Profile (The Ongoing Investigation into …) this you will have to View all blogs and scroll down in my blogs to see that one) has subtitles constructed" which covers everything leading up to my trial, Next there's During Reginald's trial" which of course covers my trial and finally there's "On my appeals" which covers critical points in my appeal, These subtitles should make easy reference to any part of my case should you find yourself asked certain questions about my case you cant answer from memory. As for the contact Info if you can't put your own because of scheduling, it is always safe to put "Reginald's Wife Sandie, then put her email address ( notify Sandie of any organizations you've contacted and what, if any their response was so she can keep everybody in our campaign on point and updated.This was a general breakdown of why the message was spoken in that fashion to give each one of you, as individual leaders in our cause the tools you need to win more people to our cause. In closing I leave you with the powerful words Of Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr: "Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of Justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle, the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals without persistent effort; time itself becomes primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social destruction. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action"Everything I amOmari Huduma(The Highest Service)

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Greg Wright was murdered by the state of Texas on October 30, 2008 despite a confession from his co-defendant, a passsed polygraph test, and DNA testing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Greg Wright

Greg Wright is scheduled to be executed on October 30, 2008. He has proven his innocence and another man has confessed. The crime scene investigator was a fraud, and is a fugitive on "America's Most Wanted". Read more:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Open Letter to Governor Rick Perry

Open Letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry

Please Grant Clemency To Gregory Wright

Dear Governor Perry,

I am writing to you today just days before the scheduled execution of death row inmate Gregory Wright. I have immense concerns about this man being executed.

Although I am not a citizen of Texas, and don't vote or pay taxes there, I am however a citizen of Massachusetts, of the United States. I was born here, raised here, vote and pay taxes in this great country.

Massachusetts does not have the death sentence,and we have not executed anyone since 1947, when we executed two innocent men Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. And I must add that Massachusetts is not a state with a high murder rate.

As an abolishonist, I have been watching Texas and other states that do execute. I noticed one thing imparticular, more stays of execution and clemency have been granted to Texas inmates by the Texas Board of Parole and Pardons, and yourself lately. This shows me that Texas is a state that is willing to admit when they are wrong, and willing to give the inmates there a fair chance for justice.

Gregory Wright's family paid for his DNA testing. The results were "inconsistent with the biological material found on the pair of jeans" that were worn by the victim. He also has proved his innocence again by willingly taking a polygraph test and passing it. Along with all the inconsistencies in his trial and case, if anyone really reads and understands his case, it shows strongly that he is an innocent man. That he did not kill anyone.

There has been no rallies for Greg. No videos. No marching down the streets. He sits quietly on death row, leaving his fate in the hands of the Lord, with his wife and friends. He is not a dangerous man, he is an innocent man. He has studied religion and law while incarcerated.

So today I am asking you to review his case. And if you find that in your mind there is any doubt at all that this man did not commit this murder, please do the right thing. Please do whatever is necessary to stop the execution of Greg Wright. Please don't allow Texas to do what Massachusetts did years ago, and execute an innocent man. Because once a person is executed, there is no way to undo the wrong.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Doreen (Dee) Hawk
Everyone is urged to contact the following:
You can e-mail Governor Rick Perry at his website:
phone: (512) 463 2000 fax: (512) 463 1849

other Texas contacts:
Pardons and Paroles phone: (512) 406 5852 fax: (512) 467 0945

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TDCJ Scheduled Executions

Scheduled Execution
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Whitaker, III
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
Jose Garcia
Offender Information
Offender Information
Offender Information
James Edward

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Texas Parole and Pardons denies clemency

Jeff Wood's Texas Death Row

There is a shout out show for Jeff Wood on Wednesday from 7-9 PM Central time at KDOL radio. Please call 936-327-5160 and send support to Jeff. You can also email for a message to Jeff...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reggie Blanton Granted an Appeal Hearing

Texas death row inmate to appear in court

Interview with ex gang member

Interview With Former Gang Member Carlos T. Ramirez Jr., And The Texas GRAD Program (Gang Renunciation and Disassociation)

He speaks about his life growing up and into the gang lifestyle, and his life now in prison

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kids Against The Death Penalty

While most children are spending their summer vacations camping, swimming, and having fun playing with their friends, there is one group of children in Texas spending their time bringing attention to the death penalty and executions in Texas.

Interview With A Female CO From Texas

Pam, a bright intelligent female corrections officer speaks about her life as a prison guard. She speaks about the inmates, her supervisors, her thoughts on Texas prison, and the fear instilled at work. She was open, honest, and thought provoking.Please give us a Bio of yourselfMy name is Pam and I'm a Correctional Officer III, I'm 37 and I'm married, no kids. I have a BA in Fine Arts (English and Philosophy) from The University of Texas at Austin. I began my Masters Program in ancient and medieval literature, however, did not finish. I went to Hollywood when I was in my 20's to try my hand at screenwriting, worked as a production assistant for many years on many projects, but eventually burned out of the 17 hours a day, 6 days a week, 11 months a year lifestyle. I'm actually not at liberty to say which prison I work at, simply that it is a Texas Department of Criminal Justice State Prison.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UPDATE On Jeff Wood


There will be a press conference and rally in San Antonio for Jeff Wood on Saturday, August 2, at 12 noon in front of the Alamo.Jeff went to school in San Antonio and his family lives nearby. They will be joining with activists on August 2 to take Jeff's case to the people. We will have several speakers who will detail Jeff's case and how he was convicted under Texas' insane Law of Parties.The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement will be going from Houston to San Antonio for the rally. If you want to go with us or can take a car of people, please let us know. We will leave at 7:30 AM.E-mail or Call 713-503-2633

The Innocent Children Of Death Row Inmates

What About Them?
By Dee, published Jul 21, 2008
Paige Lynn Wood holds a sign for the crowd to read, "If You Kill My Dad, Jeff Wood, Your Killing Me." Her dad Jeff Wood is scheduled to be executed by the state of Texas on August 2008. Paige was only about 3 years old when her dad was convicted for murder under the "Law of Parties" Statue in Texas for the murder of a store attendant. She is now 14.
Her plea for help can be read on a website constructed by Wood's family, "Jeffrey Wood has only one child and that is me. I have been without my father for many years, and I have suffered greatly because of this. I need my father. I need to be able to hug him, and to sit in his lap, and just talk when I need somebody. I have been deprived because of somebody else's crime. Should I continue to be punished? I have has a lot to deal with over these years. I have struggled in school, I have been alone, and I have done it all without my father. Please do not kill him, he did not kill anyone. He is a kind gentle man, and I need him. If you kill him, you are killing me."
Wood was convicted and sentenced to die under the "Law of Parties Statue" in Texas, where you are held responsible for someone else's actions of murder, despite the fact you never touched the gun, never pulled the trigger, or never knew the intentions of your codefendant. Wood's codefendant, Daniel Earl Reneau was executed on June 13, 2003.
Last year, Nydesha Foster, then 11 years old, daughter of former death row inmate Kenneth Foster also pleaded for the life of her father who was scheduled to be executed in Texas on August 30, 2007, and also under the same "Law of Parties" statue in Texas. Foster was convicted of murder and sentence to die by lethal injection for a murder that took place while he was seated in the car, quite a distance from the crime. Foster's family and supporters generated thousands of calls to the Governor and Texas Parole and Pardons resulting in a commutation of sentence for Foster. Foster is now serving time in a Texas prison. Wood's case has many similarities to that of Foster's. You can listen to Nydesha's pleas to save her father from execution here.
Another Texas inmate, Richard Michael Cartwright also known as to his friends as "Chi-Town" was executed on May 19, 2005 by the state of Texas. Again another child was involved. Ricki Marie Cartwright lost her daddy that day. On Richard's memorial page he stated "I will be dead of this world in less than 2 days. I will leave behind my 8 year old daughter, a baby I only held one time and that was for only 5 minutes in court as I waited to be sentenced.". His memorial site can be read here There are many other children who have lost a parent to an execution, and many more children who are living with a parent who is on death row, or one who has an execution date. Please listen to the words of these children, who are also victims of the death penalty.
Sources: Free Jeff Wood Website

Monday, May 19, 2008

Texas CO Wants To Kill Inmates

Texas CO Cody Basham, read about his blog here

URGENT! Execution Date Set For Innocent Man

We need the help from all prison reformists, activists, death penalty opponents, innocent project members, etc. Texas has given an execution date of Sept. 9, 2008 to a man who has proved his innocence.Please read this article and follow the links to his petition, posted by his wife Connie.We are only strong in numbers.

Interview with Darrell Jones concerning Massachusetts Prisons

Massachusetts Inmate Darrell Jones Speaks out about Prison Abuse and Racism

Hunger Strike On Texas Death Row

Texas Inmate Taichin Preyor Goes on Lone Hunger Strike in Protest of Living Conditions
"I have at this time committed myself to a lone hunger strike as a means to shed light on the dark deeds being implemented daily by the TDCJ administration and supporting staff.

Solitary Confinement

Save Jeff Wood

From: Capital-"X"
Date: Aug 21, 2008 6:12 AM

World wide! PLEASE Pick up your phones and call Texas Governor Rick Perry and demand a stay of execution for Jeff Wood! Call and keep calling.
30 seconds is all it takes to help save this innocent man from falling victim to the Texas killing machine!!!

Texas Death Row Inmate Reggie Blanton, Force Tape from Polunsky Death Row




By James D. Diaz

By James D. Diaz

By James D. Diaz

By James D. Diaz

James D. Diaz


Michael Workman

Tony Medina, Texas Death Row

By Brett Hartman, Ohio Death Row

I'm a Certified Fool

I'm a Certified Fool
James D. Diaz

The Shocking Of America

The Shocking Of America
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Executed By Texas

Executed By Texas
Dominique Green

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Little Wing
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